If you enjoy creating inspiring seasonal decorations to display in your home or to give as gifts, a praying hands figurine makes a great focal point for any arrangement. No matter what holiday you are making an arrangement for, a praying hands figurine will serve as a reminder of all you have to be thankful for at any time of the year. Seasonal arrangements can be displayed inside an entryway, on a kitchen or accent table in any room of the home, or given to a friend or family member as a gift to brighten up their home. 

Fall arrangements

The season of autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons to celebrate with a colorful fall arrangement. Place a praying hands figurine in a shallow basket and place an assortment of colorful faux or real leaves around the figurine. Nestle a few miniature pumpkins in the leaves and place a small flameless candle next to the praying hands figurine to create a lovely and inspiring decoration for your home.

Winter arrangements

For those who celebrate the Christmas holiday, inspirational arrangements will serve as a reminder of the meaning of Christmas. Use a gold charger plate and place a praying hands figurine in the center surrounded by a variety of ivory and red candles in different widths and heights to create dimension. Complete the arrangement by placing sprigs of pine with holly berries and pinecones between the candles.

Spring arrangements

Welcome spring to your home by using a pastel-colored basket for your grouping, with your praying hands figurine at the center. Surround the figurine with several miniature bottles and place a single tulip or daffodil stem in each bottle to create a simple spring centerpiece for any table. Add miniature garden tools to dress up the arrangement.

Summer arrangements

Get patriotic with a fun summer arrangement in red, white, and blue. Use a red tray for your base and a praying hands figurine as the centerpiece. Use a combination of blue and white candles with miniature flags tucked in between the candles to give your home an inspiring and patriotic look all summer. 

You do not have to spend a lot of time or effort making seasonal decorations to dress up your home for the holidays. A simple decorative arrangement will do the trick and can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. Using a praying hands religious figurine in your seasonal groupings will remind you to pause and say a prayer of thanks for all the blessings in your life.

Contact a local craft store, such as Bethlehem Handicrafts, for more ideas.