One of the tricky things about leasing an office space is that there is often a complicated set of restrictions about what you can and can't do with regards to the lease. Many people who rent an office space are constrained in that they cannot make major changes. This often creates a sense of helplessness when it comes to decorating. You might not be able to nail into the walls, paint the walls, and in most cases you can't remove non-essential, non-load-bearing walls to "open up the space". So, what can you do? Well, here are a couple of ideas.

Non-Nail Hangers For Mirrors and Artwork

Nothing screams a boring office more than bare walls. You don't want to deal with plain white walls in an office; it can drive you mad. And if you have customers show up to your office, they won't like the sterile atmosphere. Really, unless you're some type of medical office, it is too severe a look. You want something to hang on the walls. However, the problem with many office spaces is that you are not allowed to nail into the walls. So, the best thing you can do is to get attachments that stick to the walls and use a super strong adhesive and have hooks with which you can hang a poster or mirror. The mirrors are a great option if you also have a small office space and want to create the illusion that you have a larger space.

Vinyl Floor Graphics In Lieu Of Carpet or Flooring

Another difficult thing to handle are ugly floors. If you are not allowed to redo the wood flooring (which you might not want to do anyway since it might be very expensive to redo laminate flooring, not to mention real wood) then you have a few options. You could always lay area rugs, but what you also might want to consider are decorative vinyl floor graphics. These are laid down on the floor and can be a very cool way to spice up the look of the floor. You could have anything from a marble design or a bright polished granite floor, to a visually impressive 3D vinyl floor graphic which will mimic anything from ocean waves to a solar system. The great thing about these floor graphics is that once you are ready to move offices, you can just peel them up.