Before visitors to a movie theater take their seats, they'll spend time walking through the lobby and hallways. If you run this type of business, multiple types of signage in these areas can be advantageous. Think about ordering some custom floor graphics from a local company that can design and print this type of signage for you. Large and colorful floor graphics will be difficult for people to miss, and you can be confident that your visitors will enjoy checking out the content of these decals as they make their way through the theater. Here are some ideas to consider.

Theater Concession Items

It's a good idea to have some floor graphics that highlight some of the concession items that you have available at your theater's concession stand. This type of signage can help to remind people to grab something to eat and drink before they sit down for the movie. For example, a decal that depicts a bag of popcorn and a cold soft drink will be appealing for lots of people. Even if someone has decided that they won't bother ordering a snack and drink, they might see the decal on their way into their theater and change their mind.

Weekly Specials

Movie theaters often have weekly specials that can be appealing to patrons. One way that you can alert people to these specials is with floor graphics in heavy-traffic areas of your theater. For example, if you offer lower-priced tickets on a certain day of the week, you can work with your signage company to design a floor graphic that provides this information. Some of your patrons may not be aware of all of your specials, but they'll be difficult to miss when they're printed on floor graphics and displayed around your theater.

Upcoming Movies

There are lots of ways that your theater can promote the upcoming movies that it will soon be showing, including signage on the exterior of the building. It doesn't hurt to promote these films through the use of floor graphics, too. Think about the various strategic locations that you can position these graphics. For example, if you have a small children's play area in the lobby of your theater, you may want to use floor graphics in this area that promote children's movies. Kids who use the play area will see this signage and, ideally, ask their parents if they can attend these movies in the future.

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