Professional stationery has all kinds of uses, but almost no piece of stationery is more useful than a monogrammed note card. These cards are much like traditional greeting cards, but instead of seasonal imagery, they feature an elegant monogram. Each card is blank inside, allowing the owner to write a custom message. With a set of these cards, you can leave a great impression on anyone you have a connection with. Here are three of the best uses for monogrammed, personalized note cards.

Thank-You Cards

Whenever you receive a gift from a colleague or friend, you have the chance to make a positive impact on your relationship with them. Instead of just saying thank you in person, you can also handwrite a simple thank-you card on a monogrammed note card. A well-timed thank-you card can improve almost any relationship, and by writing one on a monogrammed note card, you add an extra personalized touch to the card. From the moment your recipient sees the card, they will know who sent it and associate you with your kindness and professionalism. Keeping monogrammed note cards with you will allow you to write notes on the fly so you never forget to thank an associate for a gift.

Calling Cards

Not every professional needs a business card. These days, many people choose to connect through the internet instead. If you find that traditional business cards are too old-fashioned for your current professional circle, try using monogrammed note cards as handwritten calling cards. The monogram on the cards will look professional and personal, and by writing your contact details by hand, you give the impression that you value the business relationship you are trying to create. Overall, you should be able to create more personal connections by using these note cards over traditional business cards or online connections.

Business Greeting Cards

Making business connections is an important aspect of networking, but maintaining them is also essential. Many busy professionals don't have time to purchase seasonal greeting cards for major holidays. Instead, you can rely on your set of monogrammed note cards when you feel the need to send seasonal greetings to your colleagues. Makes sure you fill the interior of the cards with personalized messages that can build your relationship. Your monogram will give the card a professional feel, so you don't need to worry too much about making a professional impression with the words you use. 

To learn more about using monogrammed note cards, contact a custom stationery retailer in your area.