While picture frames that are mostly made out of acrylic won't break as easily as frames that are mostly made out of glass, they do scratch more easily. Therefore, when it comes time to clean the frame, you need to be careful not to put too much pressure on the surface of the acrylic.

When you want to use a can of compressed air to blow dust and debris off of an acrylic picture frame, remember these three tips:

Gently Set The Frame On A Chair Or Table Before You Start

To maximize the effectiveness of your can of compressed air, you'll need to blow on all the surfaces you want to clean from the side. While you might be able to blow on the face of the frame from the side while it's on the wall, it'll be much harder to do this with edges, corners, and recesses around the picture if your wall is very crowded.

So before you start working, set the frame on a chair, table, or any other smooth and stable surface. Always test the stability of whatever piece of furniture you're using by rocking it back and forth gently before you actually remove the frame.

Remove Any Metal Screws On The Frame And Clean Them Separately

While you always need to be careful when you're cleaning acrylic, you don't have to be so circumspect when it comes to cleaning the frame's metal screws. All you'll need to get all the dust and debris off of the screws is a sink filled with soapy water.

Removing the screws before you bring out your can of compressed air will also mean that you can blow on the holes the screws leave open. When the holes are properly cleaned, it'll take a lot longer for the screws to accumulate as much dust as they used to have.

Spend Extra Time On The Outside Edges Of The Acrylic

Since it's harder to hit the thin outside edges of an acrylic frame with a can of compressed air, you'll need to spend more time on them. While the air you spray on the face of the frame itself will spread out and affect dust on both sides of the air stream, a lot of air is simply lost to either the room or the surface you put the frame on when you use your air can on the outside edges.

To prevent dust from getting on the outside edges just after you clean them but before you put the frame back in its place, always make sure that the surface you set the frame face up on has been thoroughly cleaned. If you want to know more, click here to ask questions of professionals.