Most individuals have that one particular photo or other special item that they wish to have put in a customized frame and displayed for people to see and admire.

One way to achieve this is to visit a shop that specializes in customized preservation framing, which fully protects valuable photos and other items that someone wishes to have framed from dirt, dust, and exposure to ultraviolet light, all of which can damage the item that you wish to have framed.

If you have considered or are currently considering employing the services of a professional preservation framer, here are some useful steps to make note of.


Regardless of what you're looking to have framed, it's important to select a professional framer who shares your vision and can help you make it into a reality. Discuss your idea with the framer and select an option that comes with the three most common essential framing materials: mat board comes in a variety of colors and depending on your design preference, you can use one or more pieces of mat board; glazing comes in either glass or acrylic, whichever material you prefer.

Regardless of which one you choose, you will want to make sure that you request ultraviolet-filtering glazing, which will completely protect the item being framed from dangerous and damaging light rays; the frame itself is the most visible part of the piece that you are having customized. While there are many different styles to choose from, the professional framer that you are working with will help you select the right one that goes with the piece or pieces that you are having framed.


In regards to mat boards, a professional framer will generally go with a preservation-grade version, which can be labelled many different ways, including "alpha cellulose, "100% cotton rag," or "purified wood pulp." Furthermore, if a piece of mat board is covered with fabric or any other surface layers that contain any chemical components, dyes, adhesives, or additives, that will increase the chance of the item being framed potentially becoming damaged.


Glazing for customized framing is available in a variety of types. Some glazing can appear to be virtually invisible, while types such as ultraviolet glazing can block 98% of certain indoor and outdoor light rays, which can also help keep the framed item from having its colors faded.


As previously stated, you will want to request that your framer uses preservation-grade mat board and ultraviolet glazing in your piece in order to allow the item or items being framed to be fully protected and vibrant. Before making this request, however, you will want to ensure that the framer is experienced in preservation-grade work; however, most framing shops train their employees to become familiar with this technique.

Following these useful steps can help make your professional framing experience a successful one and help keep your items preserved and admired for many years to come. Contact a company like Instaframe Galleries for more information.